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“The workshop was better than I had imagined. There is an appropriate old saying;
“When the pupil is ready, the teacher appears.” I was ready, perhaps not quite prepared.
You have designed a magical, creative, challenging, stimulating environment.
You are a talented artist and a generous teacher. Thank you.” CO Hudson, NY

Art, History, Nature, Life and Fun!

One/Three/Five Day Workshops Indoors and Outdoors

Stan’s workshops have been called Art Adventures. Students from beginner to advanced are sure to find many new ways to expand their creative abilities through the use of pastel and Stan’s constant guidance.

Stan believes in working from life first, and understands the artists need to also work in the studio. Here he excels in teaching students how to see, analyze and re-interpret a scene, how to bring from within yourself paintings that reflect your emotion and connection to your subject and produce believable images. Stan constantly weaves lessons from life, history and nature into all his critiques and lectures. You will come away from the workshop with a new appreciation of the world around you!

The workshops are based on direct observation, using very traditional theories on color and surface qualities, and painterly mark making. Light, half tone and shadow are emphasized while building towards dynamic use of color, composition and value relationships. The ability to convincingly portray distance and perspective through the use of color is clearly explained and emphasized. Once fundamentals are covered, the class often covers experimental grounds, tools, abstract color and simplification of the scene. But most importantly, Stan shows you all of the methods he has perfected in manipulating pastel to be one of the most exciting mediums an artist can use. When used to its best advantage, pastel can rival any medium in portraying life as it really appears.

One of Stan’s major tenets of painting is synthesizing your subject, through yourself and onto the paper with your pastels. His demos are fast and accurate “studies” that will teach you about working within your instincts. Almost never taking his eyes of the subject he will capture the spirit and sense of day within moments. Of course there are times to paint with more control, but many students find that working this way has vastly improved their abilities to be more exciting and original.

During breaks in the workshop, and in the evenings together, Stan often covers the business of being an artist, marketing and presentation and framing. His studio is also a gallery carrying many other fine artists work in varying craft and also has a “department” for pastel paper, Ludwig pastels and tools. There is a series of videos and slide shows that he has prepared on art, pastel, history and nature. His library of educational books is available during the workshop to borrow.

Stan Sperlak is a signature member of the Pastel Society of America, the Maryland Pastel Society and a former director of the Mid Atlantic Plein Air Painters. His work has appeared in numerous books on painting, The Pastel Journal, The Artists Magazine and he recently authored “The View From My Easel”. He has been featured in New Jersey Network TV series on Artists. Sperlak studied at the Pennsylvania Academy of the Fine Arts and with Patricia Witt of the Barn Studio of Art. The workshops are based out of Stan’s farm in Goshen, NJ

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