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...this is to thank you for everything - you are a really good teacher and you went above and beyond in caring for our group (getting us up the hills, etc.) Thank you again.
DS New Hope PA

...had a great time at your workshop, and learned so much more than I would have expected. You are a very good teacher.
JH Annapolis MD

…I've taken many workshops with some very well known artists…but this experience was the best….the size of your class, crow creek, the constant attention and encouragement, the tidbits of history, nature, humor, life and love that you mix in made us all feel so at home, it's more than a workshop, thanks.
RA Denver CO

...What a teacher you have become. I so thoroughly enjoyed this weekend. You helped me to understand that I need to concentrate on starting darker and working towards light. Your "recipe of three" kept things very simplified for me. I am looking forward to working on my own with the new skills you have taught me. And.... most of all I had fun with you and the group. Thank you for being real!!!
PG Millville, NJ was wonderful, thank you for your patience.
JJ Philadelphia, PA

... I just wanted to take a moment to thank you for the extra mile you went with the class and me. You do have a gift especially in teaching your students to see the landscape in a very special way. All views can be beautiful if you stretch yourself to seek the beauty of truth in the land.
DM Avalon, NJ

...Just went into the gallery late last night and saw your new work, beautiful. Thanks for brining them in, so beautiful. If that doesn't bring the energy up in here, nothing will.
CD Annapolis MD

...I've got to thank you for leading such a great workshop. I had a wonderful time. You have really gotten me inspired. I can't say enough.... your work is beautiful AND you have such a great soul. I wasn't quite sure what I got myself into on Sunday at the meet and greet. I've never done a workshop were everyone stayed at the same place, not to mention 8 women with strong opinions. Needless to say, I went home having met some really great people. Thanks for sharing Crow Creek. I was blown away by its beauty. I'd never have to go any where if I had that marsh in my life. You're a lucky man.
EC Scranton, PA

...Thanks for the boost yesterday...I am so pleased with you as a person and as an ARTIST...You have really produced so many wonderful things...Your Boys...Your gardens and your business...which adds up to a wonderful contribution to this world...BUT to top it all off with your ART...It just blows me away...I am so glad I met you ...I can only add my joy for all you have accomplished...Hope to see you real soon...please keep in touch...My very best to you and the boys..
Louis Sidney Mohollen at peace 2007

.......dream- like after glow......lingering images........flash affectively, by your encouraging presence......will be embedded in my memory forever......!!!!!!!......In other words.....I had the best of times, this past weekend! Thank you Stan for the experience.
I.S. Port Elizabeth, NJ

...Please let me know when you are giving a one day workshop. I really love them!!! It helps me refocus on the important things...not just art but nature as well. It makes me fell like my old beatnik self again.
Mac Grand Cayman, UK

...I have been meaning to e-mail you and thank you for the great workshop experience I had with you! I feel like I really learned a lot from you in the short time and have really been enjoying trying my hand at pastels.
You are a great teacher and made the class a lot of fun.
EC Baltimore, MD

...Your wonderful pastel selection arrived late yesterday afternoon and I just finished saving a painting with them this morning. WOW- what a truly useful (and gorgeous) selection! THANK YOU!! What a treat.
NM Redbank, NJ

...hey Stan: I won an award for that painting MARSH AT CROW CREEK!
JG Newtown, PA

...just won an award for "view at crow creek" your place will make us all famous!! Also bought a set of terry Ludwig pastels. Love them thanks
CS Harrisburg, PA

...I have been meaning to write all week.... Thank you very much for the pictures of the workshop. I appreciate them. I also want to thank you for the fantastic workshop! I am so glad you didn't cancel it. I have to say it was the best workshop I have ever attended! I came home so excited and inspired. I took pages of notes of what you talked about. You are very generous with your knowledge and made the day interesting and fun. My enthusiasm must have shown because I have two friends who want to take a workshop with you so if you are having another three day next fall....we will be there! I can't say enough how fantastic the day was! Thanks again for all of your effort. I appreciate it!
KM Atlanta GA

...I just wanted to thank you again for making my first workshop experience a great one; you are a wonderful artist and a great teacher. Thank you for being so accommodating with my last minute request.
DW Southport MD

... As a friend I give you no bull. Having never really painted Plein Air, I found it the experience quite daunting at the time. I am a slow learner. While I am a good listener, things don't register with me right away. You may tell me something today, and I will hear and store it, but it will not click until tomorrow or next week.

Looking back and thinking it over, I believe I largely missed a major point when I was there, to create a model, to just capture the essence so that one can use that as a basis. When I walked out, I felt somewhat of failure. I suppose having a couple professional artists in the bunch reinforced that immediate reaction. LOL. Later, when I had time to realize and register the points, I felt differently. In fact, I know I am painting better today than one month ago because of my experience with you.
BD Quantico VA

...I have been meaning to email you, but as life goes on, it keeps getting busier instead of less busy. I had a great time at the workshop and everyone was just great. I just got most of the pictures printed that I took on the FARM and some that I took of skies and the marshes at Benny's Landing. I have enough to work from for a year in my studio! Thanks again for you sharing your wisdom.
RE Alexandria, VA

...Just wanted to tell you again how much I enjoyed the workshop. I don't know exactly what expectations we had, but they were far exceeded. Thanks again for a great learning experience and a lot of fun!
SH & LN Lancaster, PA

...I'm excited and a little overwhelmed, hoping I can apply all of the info you've given-which seems so simple and you really do make it look so easy. But I'm so inspired ....something you said really hit home... I always feel the need to create, but do it in such unusual ways sometimes. This looks like an opportunity to find something that would be really satisfying...and you really are a damn good teacher. Wish me luck, it will be a challenge but I can be have to start somewhere....
MC, Philadelphia, PA

…Your workshop was just what I needed to learn more about pastel painting. The combination of your demos and the opportunity to observe the other participants work in progress was very helpful and inspiring. Thanks also for your hospitality.
DE, Cape May, NJ

…The workshop was better than I had imagined. There is an appropriate old saying; "When the pupil is ready, the teacher appears." I was ready, perhaps not quite prepared.
You have designed a magical, creative, challenging, stimulating environment. You are a talented artist and a generous teacher. Thank you. p.s. How did you arrange the eagle soaring above us? Simply amazing. Were you and Harry Potter pals?
CO Hudson NY

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